About Our Clubs

International Outdoors ChamberOur Mission – On a worldwide level!

Introducing those who seek to learn about the finer cigar lifestyle with those who have the knowledge! (Fellow members of Aranyi Cigars)

Enhancing our local cigar communities one at a time on a Statewide level with fellow National and International Aranyi Cigars Members.

When our member travel to enjoy/enhance their lifestyle, they seek out other members of Aranyi Cigars on a Worldwide level.

The main key to understanding a member of Aranyi Cigars. Is simple, yes they like/love cigars and understand why we make one of the world’s finest hand rolled aged tobacco cigars. (Taste and Integrity)

Our members have the same in their personal, business and social lifestyle, taste and integrity.

We offer two levels of membership…

  • Premium┬áLevel (Private)
  • Social Level (Club)

Aranyi Cigars is known as a Worldwide Event Planning, Coordinator & Fine Cigar Association supporting those who support others… Serving as the planer, coordinator and consultant for charity fundraisers, corporate and socials events worldwide.

We assist our members with Premium Level Aranyi Cigar Lounges (Members Only) and Social Level Aranyi Cigars Clubs on a more community events and fundraising.

M. Kameron Hawkins

M. Kameron Hawkins
Chairman & Founder
Retired US Navy (Disabled Veteran)

Aranyi Cigars & Clubs
5940 South Rainbow Boulevard
Las Vegas, NV 89118

As you can see by the image of the Golden Compass, we are International Partners with the world’s largest and most respected Chamber of Commerce. The International Outdoors Chamber of Commerce, LLC – www.InternationalOutdoorsChamber.com

“I have enjoyed living a full life of being calm, confident and with purpose. Being adventurous and enhancing my inner compass as I travel North, East, West and South in my lifetime. I enjoy look back at the N.E.W.S (Insight) I have been able to gain from and have informed my fellow man/woman about my findings as they too have informed me about their adventures, finding and wisdom over a find hand rolled cigar.” – M. Kameron Hawkins

PS I have no plans on stopping soon, hope we meet along the way sometime.