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Known worldwide for
our golden smooth drew cigars…

Aranyi Cigars members enjoy knowing they can order our hand rolled one of a kind cigars for their personal enjoyment, cigar socials, and fundraisers.

No one can order Aranyi Cigars without becoming a member on a Social, Premiere or Club level.

The best way to join is by enjoying one of our club events. Meet with the Club President and try one of the Aranyi Cigars they have on hand. The Club President will send you to our Founder & Chairman to find out more about Aranyi Cigars and your membership.

How we started back in the 1980’s

Aranyi Cigars has been sponsoring our members cigar clubs around the world since 1980’s. The first club was in Washington D.C. 1983 when Mr. Hawkins was a young man pulling duty and serving our country as a US Navy Presidential Ceremonial Honor Guard Drill Team member. (1983-87)

We started offering memberships in DC, MD, DE, WV, VA, NC, SC, GA down to Key West, FL before Mr. Hawkins went to sea.

“Time to become a Boatswain’s mate (Sailor) so off to sea, get some salt in my blood and become a Boats” said Mr. Hawkins. On his free time (leave) he found the cigar communities and locations on deployments at sea serving on the USS John King (DDG-3) from 1987-88.

When Mr. Hawkins retired in Nevada, USA in 2012 he supported the cigar communities around the greater Las Vegas area. Visit Aranyi Cigars Club – for more information on locations. All of our clubs support area fundraisers in their communities.

The Aranyi Cigars line was becoming a highly sought after premier cigar with over 21,000+ members worldwide in just over 160 Counties by 2016. (4,000+ outside the US)

What make’s Aranyi Cigars standout from the others?

  1. Our members.
  2. Some of the best limited aged cigar tobacco in the world.
  3. Hand picked Master Cigar Rollers.
  4. Limited number of cigars made.
  5. Our cigars will not unroll when enjoying outdoors.
  6. 100% of your order is at our highest level of integrity or we replace the full order.

(We have never had to replace an order)

The Aranyi Cigars Churchill is 7.5” by 54 ring. The larger Aranyi Cigars are long lasting from 1 to 1.5 hours and great for the outdoors lifestyle. (The Aranyi Cigar is a bit larger than a Churchill style standard a, 7” by 48-50 ring.)

The Aranyi Cigars Robusto is 5″ by 50 ring. Smoke time from 30 to 45 min.

All of Aranyi Cigars have long leaf fillers, binders and wrappers and hand rolled by cigar masters with 40yrs experience as a Master Cigar Roller. (Aranyi Cigars have cut 25 to 30 yrs old tobacco from the Dominican & Nicaraguan aged before rolled for our members orders.)

Today Aranyi Cigars only makes up to 300 cigars a day and only 225 days out of the year.

Membership is limited to only 1,000 members per state in the USA and 25,000 outside the US. For a 75,000 worldwide based on limited gagged tobacco. We’re proud to of our members that enjoy our basic order of 4 to 5 cigars every few years to those who order 25 a month, every month.

For us, we’re happy to have you as a member at any level.

In 1993 Noir Cigars – line, a dark maduro torpedo cigar that is 7.5” by 54-56 ring, lasting from 1.5 to 2 hours and designed for the outdoors enjoyment.

In Clark County, NV you’ll find Mr. Hawkins (Kameron) plans 8 – 10 annual golf events and 10 – 12 Sporting Clay fundraisers for local charities year round.

Mr. Hawkins is the Chairman of the following companies, Aranyi Cigars, LLC Clark County Nevada Chamber of Commerce, LLC and the worldwide chamber of commerce the International Outdoors Chamber of Commerce, LLC

In 2016 Mr. Hawkins came out of retirement to become more active with his passions listed above. His health recoveries made this opportunity happen and put our leader back in too what he truly loves.

Welcome back Mr. Hawkins from all of us.

M. Kameron Hawkins

M. Kameron Hawkins
Chairman & Founder (Volunteer)
Retired US Navy (Disabled Veteran)
Aranyi Cigars, LLC
5940 South Rainbow Boulevard
Las Vegas, NV 89118


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